• Jost Sleeved / Retro Fit Nut (Twin) - Drive Use

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Sleeved / Retro Fit Nut (Twin)
Drive Use


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Mounting of JOST Alloy Wheels with Sleeved (Retro) Wheel Nuts

When fitting JOST Forged Alloy Truck Wheels (sleeved /retro), the standard wheel stud length can accommodate the fitting of JOST forged alloy truck wheels. It is common to fit forged alloy truck wheels, where previously steel wheels were fitted.
However with the increased overall thickness of the mounting surface requires a special sleeved nut (Retro Fit Nut). The shank or sleeve of these nuts extends into the mounting holes of the wheel centre and engages with the standard (short) stud length, ensuring sufficient thread engagement. JOST Forged Alloy truck wheels have a special 32 mm diameter stud hole diameter to accommodate the special sleeved nuts.

The recommended length of engagement between the threads of the stud and the sleeved nut is equivalent to 95% or more of the diameter of the stud.

The minimum recommended number of thread engagement between the nut & stud is:
Approx 14 full turns for M22 x 1.5 Retro Nuts

Mounting of JOST Forged Alloy (Retro) Truck Wheels:

How to Check for Sufficient Thread Engagement:
Engage a single wheel or dualled wheels to the hub with at least two nuts securing the wheels. Tighten one nut by hand and count the number of full turns till the nut sits snugly.
Note: The sleeves of the nut do not center the wheel(s). This mounting system still requires a hub piloting or hub centering axle and a wheel with the correct centre bore diameter.

 Short (front axle) sleeve single and long (rear dual wheel application) sleeve twin sleeved retro truck wheel nuts are available from JOST Australia for most popular “Retro-Fit” applications. For the correct torque setting for your wheels you should refer to the recommended setting as published by your truck / trailer or axle manufacturer.







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Jost Sleeved / Retro Fit Nut (Twin) - Drive Use

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