Other Services

SCTEG is more than just one of Australia’s largest suppliers of truck and trailer parts and accessories. Our team has 40 years of experience doing so much more. We offer a range of services that are all backed by our excellence in customer service and extensive industry knowledge.

Trailer and Van Repair

Southern Cross Repairs is located at 26 Gum Avenue, Dry Creek, and is Adelaide’s specialised trailer repair centre.

We specialise in servicing, repairs, modifications and additions to your trailer. Whatever your needs, we have the team to do it for you. We can lengthen, straighten, or bend your existing trailer to suit your requirements. We specialise in welding repairs, adding twist locks, brake relines, fitting landing legs, sorting electrical problems, and general repairs, all subject to our engineering approval and conforming to ADR specifications.

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Trailer and Van Manufacturing

With a long and polished history of manufacturing both trailers and vans, SCTEG has a reputation of quality craftsmanship combined with excellent customer service. Southern Cross Trailers are located in Adelaide, South Australia, is one of the highest quality manufacturers of semi-trailers in Australia. Southern Cross Vans operates from the same location in Adelaide, South Australia, and can provide transport solutions ranging from Refrigerated (-28ºC) through to Chiller and Dry Bulk Freight units for a number of industry sectors, including local and interstate distribution.

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Wholesale Parts Division

SCTEG Wholesale division supplies an extensive range of Truck & Semi Trailer products within the SCTEG Group, also to our ever growing "Authorised Distributor" network within Australia and abroad. We also supply to manufactureres and to the broader transport industry.

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Employment Opportunities

The Southern Cross Transport Equipment Group are one of Australia’s largest Truck & Trailer spare parts & equipment suppliers and manufacturer of Semi-Trailers. We are always looking to expand our team’s capability and knowledge which requires us to constantly look for new team members.

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