• 12 Volt Severe-Duty Truck Battery 700CCA 90AH - Hardcore HCC27SC

PART NO : HCC27SC                    


Hardcore HCC27SC is a severe-duty Group27 / N70ZZ truck battery, custom designed to survive the high-mileage requirements and heavy electrical accessory loads typical of today’s road transport industry.

Premium component selection including thicker fully-framed positive and negative plates, silver-calcium chemistry, glass-mat separators, lock-bonded elements, anti-sulphation additive and airtight seals between cells all combine to deliver unrivalled performance and durability in severe-service applications.


  • Thicker, stronger full-frame plates in Silver-Calcium alloy
  • High-Density active material made from highest-purity lead
  • Glass Mat Separators retain active material on plates
  • Excellent charge retention & charge acceptance
  • Highly resistant to damaging effects of vibration, heat and corrosion
  • Lowest water loss for improved durability and safety
  • No-compromise design – built to last in demanding conditions
  • Ideal for trucks with cabin accessory power requirements


  • Kenworth
  • Mack
  • Iveco / International
  • Interstate trucks with cabin accessories
  • Thermoking Refrigeration
  • Dual-purpose Starting / Cycling applications
  • 4WD severe-service upgrade
  • High-vibration applications
  • High-heat environments


Battery Type:  Maintenance-Free Accessible

Voltage:  12 Volt

Capacity (20hr):  90

Cold Cranking Amps -18°C, SAE:  700

Reserve Capacity:  160 Minutes

Overall Dimensions:  L303 x W171 x H224

Nominal Weight:  23 kg

Container Material / Colour:  Polypropylene / Black

Lid Type :  Semi-sealed, serviceable under label

Positive Plate Type:​  Full-Frame Silver-Calcium

Negative Plate Type:​  Full-Frame Lead-Calcium

Separator Type: Dual Envelope with Glass-Mat lining

Anti-Vibration: Hot-Melt Lock-Bonded Elements

Assembly Layout:  1  (LH Positive)

Terminal Type:  Standard SAE

BCI Group / JIS:  27 / N70ZZ




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12 Volt Severe-Duty Truck Battery 700CCA 90AH - Hardcore HCC27SC

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