PART NO : CA0039Y                            

COLOUR : Yellow

SIZE :  23 to 30mm

Hexchex® is the first Multi-Size loose nut indicator with many benefits for truck fleets, service centres and retail aftermarket truck parts outlets. Apart from being easy to use, the efficiency of a "multi-size" product will also reduce overhead costs and simplify stock management. The unique patented design allows Hexchex® to fit a range of nut sizes and the mechanism can be quickly secured by hand. Three Multi-Size Hexchex® are available covering the range of wheel nuts between 23mm and 50mm (metric and imperial). Developed for Australia’s harsh conditions, this durable Australian made product will perform at extreme temperatures.


  • Fits Both Metric & Imperial
  • UV & Chemical Resistant​
  • Withstands​ High Temperatures
  • Custom Engineered Polymer
  • Fast & Easy Application
  • Hand Tighten - No Tools
  • Reuse & Re-Tighten 
  • Durable

Routine wheel maintenance is assisted by simply viewing the pointer position of each Hexchex® wheel nut indicator. A simple walk around inspection will quickly identify any loose lug nuts, focusing attention where it is needed. Hexchex® is an easy way to save time and improve safety by allowing the driver to clearly see the state of each wheel. This raised awareness will encourage more frequent safety checks and improve maintenance practices, reducing the risk of wheel separation and making the road a safer place.

Hexchex® can be applied to any shaped nut... round edged, sharp edged, worn, new, undersized, oversized, custom nuts including 8 or 10 sided. Hexchex™ can literally be clamped around anything within the diameter range for each product. Use wisely.

Hexchex® are made of durable custom engineered polymer with high dimensional stability, chemical resistance, UV and thermal properties. 

Australia's extreme conditions expose Hexchex® to high temperatures. Our material has been designed to perform over 150°C so they will not melt prematurely under normal breaking conditions... but will still melt if the hub overheats, alerting you to a potential oil or bearing problem. 

Hexchex® are designed to be easy to use. The flexible material takes minimal effort to apply by hand. No tools needed. The progressive action allows you to feel each click so you know it's secure.

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