• 12 Volt Heavy Duty, Maintenance Free Battery - Delkor 27H-680

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The Delkor 27H680 is a Group 27 sealed maintenance free starting battery. The Superior construction qualities include the latest PowerFrame plate technology which provides significant improvements in strength, performance and life span. The unrivalled quality of Delkor has seen their Korean manufacturing facility awarded 1st place in the coveted Korean Excellence In Manufacturing Award for 11 consecutive years (2006-2016).
The Delkor 27H680 is designed to provide years of reliable, trouble free and maintenance free starting for a wide variety of applications including light commercial vehicles, farming and agricultural equipment, 4x4, passenger cars and earthmoving equipment.


  • Patented PowerFrame plate construction
  • Unique high density active material on plates
  • Built in hydrometer
  • Heat sealed leak proof cover
  • Patented liquid & gas separators to prevent electrolyte loss
  • Flame arrestors on vents
  • Low resistance envelope separators
  • High strength polypropylene case


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Light commercial equipment
  • Passenger cars
  • 4x4


Battery Type:  Sealed Maintenance Free

Voltage:  12 Volt

Capacity (20hr):  90Ah

Cold Cranking Amps -18°C, SAE:  680A

Reserve Capacity:  160 minutes

Overall Dimensions:  L 306 x W 173 x H 225mm

Nominal Weight:  21 kg

Container Material / Colour:  Polypropylene / Black

Lid Type / Colour:  Sealed / Black

Plate Type:  PowerFrame

Separator Type:  Low resistant Microporous Envelope

Assembly Layout:  1 (LH Positive)

Terminal Type:  SAE

Case Size:  BCI Group 27

PowerFrame® Grid Technology


Our batteries are not built with just any grid, but a PowerFrame Grid. PowerFrame Grids are made by rolling metal into strips that are then stamped into the grid shape. This patented process results in a strong frame that helps batteries resist corrosion, and provides strength even under extreme conditions. So make sure your battery has the PowerFrame logo on the outside, for true strength on the inside.


  • Designed for Reliable Durability: PowerFrame patented grid technology is reliable and built to last. It’s nearly three* times more corrosion-resistant, making it more durable than other grid designs.
  • Patterned for Power & Performance: PowerFrame grid technology pattern is optimized for full grid utilization, providing more than 60%* superior electrical flow for better connectivity.
  • Environmentally Responsible: PowerFrame grid technology manufacturing process is environmentally responsible, using 20% less energy and producing 20% fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods.
  • Make sure you have the PowerFrame logo on the outside, for True Strength on the inside.


*Based on comparison to other grid designs in real world fleet testing.



N70ZZMF, S75D31R, N70ZZB, MF 95D31R, UMF135D31R, N70ZZX MF


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12 Volt Heavy Duty, Maintenance Free Battery - Delkor 27H-680

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